Citizen & traveler of the world.
Photographer & writer passionate.
Nature & adventure lover.
Experiences & memories collector.
Free spirit, old soul.


Around 30 countries, over 70 cities and more than 15 islands  in a nutshell:

I’ve lived countless scrambled hours inside planes, crossing countries & cities in boats & ships, trains & trams, buses & cars, tuk-tuks and other variations of trishaws, riding bikes and, mostly, walking kilometers after kilometers on the endless corners of this world with these feet that will never complain of pain: between valleys & fjordes, on top of mountains, inside caves, throughout vast vineyards, climbing canyons, crossing deserts, rediscovering ancient cities in ruins, diving into the deep sea, floating in salty lagoons, enjoying waterfalls, trekking in forests and national parks, kissing the sky from a balloon.

Visiting mosques, orthodox churches, buddhist temples, floating villages made of stilt houses; vast open fields where vikings, knights, servants and slaves once fought, royal palaces, medieval castles, sacred & historic places full of legends & beliefs; untouched paradisiac beaches, arid lands which took over the sea, wild & unknown islands, crossing dry bed rivers, reaching an extinct volcanic crater; searching for the most exotic marine specie underneath a sunk ship; freezing my toes in -10 degrees geysers and right after jumping in a 40 degrees hot spring.

Surviving earthquakes and sandstorms, magpie attacks, under frightening Australian thunderstorms, stung by jellyfish, intoxicated by untreated water in a remote island, cuts all over my legs and feet by corals and native bushes, testifying the sunset at the Orient, bombarded by hails, burned by the hard sun with no ozone layer.

Sleeping under a patchwork blanket made of billions of stars in the middle of the desert, cradled by dingoes howls. Seeing so many different species of plants and animals, trying so many exquisite food and drinks, feeling other languages dancing in my ears, listening fascinating stories & History of distant cultures & people, which I never imagine I would exchange a word or a thought. Remembering and forgetting my own language, learning expressions and slangs from so many others! Learning every day a small and unpretentious lesson from all over the world which will last a lifetime.

My muse and my curse, traveling is my purpose.

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