We end up in a small village called Air Batang, which wasn’t part of the original plan.

But who said life happens according to one?

As I normally wake up early, maybe this time flooded by the thrill of the ‘trip of the moment’, I quietly leave the room and walk around the area- sometimes chasing lights & pics, sometimes for fresh air from an early brand new morning.

The tide was low; the sky, bright – although the sun was still about to show up inbetween a cloudy sky.

Birds were singing a song not many are awake to appreciate and monkeys were already playful among huts and palms.

A faded Malaysian flag was peacefully dancing with the silky breeze. Everything seemed perfect and in sync.

I slowly walked through the rocks until I reached the sea, passing some trapped boats patiently waiting to be lifted by Pacific waters.

Looking straight to the horizon, I took a deep breath & started to stretch.

And then I saw him. He who woke up to find an empty space next to him in bed. He who grabbed the camera and followed me. He who always wonders where the wanderer is.

He who convert my very own special moment… into Eternity.


photographed by my partner in an early morning walking by the rock in a low tide at Air Batang Village, Tioman Island, Malaysia.